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Painting Services

Commitment to Quality

Weatherly Painting is commited to providing all customer with professional painting services in a timely manner and quality craftsmanship at a fair price. Because of their insistence on quality, Weatherly Painting only uses quality products from Sherwin-Williams, Parker Paint, Kelly Moore, and other proven quality manufactures. By only using quality products, Weatherly Painting has the satisfaction of knowing that clients will appreciate the beauty and wearability of their investment for years to come. Of course, if customers perfer another brand, Weatherly Painting will gladly accomodate any request. These quality products offer outstanding coverage, durability, variety, and beauty. Each brand comes in a vast array of colors, sheens, and formulations. They all also offer and exclusive line of increasingly popular "Green" products. Print off our downloadable brochure for more information on the services we provide. Also, make sure to check out our color wheel to help select the perfect colors for your home or business.  

Weatherly Painting provides the following quality professional painting services:

 Exterior Interior   Residential Commercial 
 Painting  Painting  New Construction  New Construction
 Wood Restoration  Sheetrock & Drywall 
 Decks  Retail
 Pressure Washing  Texturing  Remodels  Warehouse
 Deck Restoration  Staining  Vacation Homes  Apartment Complexes
 Deck Staining  Lacquering  Single Story Homes  Investment Properties
 Mold, Moss & Mildew  
 Re-painting  Multipule Story Homes  Public & Non-Profit Contracts
 Masonry & Concrete
 Trim & Door Packages  Condos  Hotels
 Siding Repair  Popcorn Ceiling 
 Apartments  Condos
 Weatherizing  Specialized Finishes  Townhomes  Parking Garages
 And More!  And More!  And More!  And More!


Weatherly Painting's Qualifications

Weatherly Paininting's goal is to provide our customers with the most information possible to make an informed decision when selecting the best qualified company to hire for their painting needs. It is easy for any company (both large and small) to add a slogan on their website that says something to the effect of: outstanding quality, low prices, professional staff and satisfaction always guaranteed. However, more often then not, their ‘outstanding quality’ is loosing translated from I think I might know how to paint, their ‘low prices’ are employees working under the table or illegally. Their ‘professional staff’ really means I’m going to allow my employees to smoke on the job, arrive late and leave early. And, of course ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ only lasts until your check is cash. Well, this is just simply not the case with Weatherly Painting. Review our company’s qualifications below and make the decision for yourself.


Jeff Weatherly, Owner
Jeff has been painting for over 19 years in Mason and Thurston County and surrounding areas. He established Weatherly Painting in 1999 after working for another local painting company. When Jeff started Weatherly Painting his primary goals were: to provide outstanding craftsmanship at a fair price and to provide customers with the best possible painting experience from start to finish. Prior to Jeff’s painting career he served in the United States Navy from 1986 to 1990. Where he was a Petty Officer 2and was station on aboard SES 200 during the Gulf War. This military experience provided Jeff with the discipline and structure to effectively cultivate and grow his own business. Jeff’s pride in his work is evident and his dedication to providing a quality product has gained Weatherly Painting many loyal repeat customers. Jeff’s current projects include the development of a portable Portfolio of Work that will showcase the painting jobs completed during the 2011 painting season.

Brochure (PDF) 

Weatherly Painting's Color Wheel (PDF)

Painting Contractor Checklist (PDF)
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Painting Staff
Weatherly Painting takes great pride in the quality, timelessness and professionalism of our painting crew. Each member of our painting staff is hand selected to provide our customers with the best results. In our strive for excellence we put the safety of our staff first. Weatherly painting ensures that all employees are fully trained and prepared to work in the painting field whether it be on small residential homes are large commercial buildings. Our employees are fully trained to use everything from respirators and certified ladders to suspended work platforms and more.

Moral Support Staff
At Weatherly Painting our office staff, painting staff, customers and even our furry four-legged friends are treated as family! Clara Claire Lemonade, a brindle colored Boston Terrier, has been with Weatherly Painting for about four years. Bella Bee Bug, a fawn colored Pug, has been on staff for almost a year. These girls work hard at providing a positive attitude within the company. Their daily duties consist of greeting office and painting staff as they arrive in the morning, scattering their toys around the office and sleeping 7 out of 8 work hours. Follow the adventures of Bella and Clara on Weatherly Painting's Facebook page!   





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